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  • June 03, 2008


June 03, 2008

In an effort to support the victims of last month’s tragic earthquake in Sichuan China, the Gur Sikh Sabha Gurdwara devoted this past Sunday morning’s service to the victims and families of the Sichuan earthquake.

Prior to remarks from VIPs, the prayers were recited from the Holy Book for the people of Sichuan and the greater Chinese community here in Ontario.

President Randhawa made the point that we are all one people. And while we may look different and dress differently than one another, we are all one in the end. And we must remain united. “If one part of the body gets hurt, the whole body is in pain — then we must share the pain”. President Randawa met with the Ontario Sikh & Gudwara Council yesterday.

MPP Bas Balkissoon spoke about the involvement of the Gur Sikh Sabha Gurdwara’s commitment to the community service, and how the Sikh community has come together time and time again to support those in need.

MPP Chan spoke about the contributions of both Asian and South Asian communities to the province of Ontario. “There is a special relationship shared between Ontario, India and China. It is through this relationship that diversity exists in this province that we can see how the Sikh community here in Toronto can come together and help those halfway around the world”. MPP Chan also thanked the Gur Sikh Sabha Gurdwara for its continued friendship and support to the greater Toronto Chinese community, especially in this time of need.

Consul General Zhu, the final speaker, thanked President Randawa for his warm words of support. She made note that the international community has been very supportive of China, both through monetary aid and moral support, as it slowly begins its recovery process following the destructive earthquake.

The service concluded with a call to support our Chinese brothers and sisters at this time.

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